Convenience Electronics, Inc.
Low Volume Cable, Wiring and Assembly Solutions

Convenience Electronics Inc. (AKA CEI)

Why Go with CEI?

What We Do...

Convenience Electronics, Inc. (CEI) is a complete custom wiring harness and electronic assembly solutions provider.

Our manufacturing facility is optimized for small to medium size production projects.

Our employees are trained and certified to IPC/WHMA A-620 standards and we are ISO9001:2015 certified.

We are a UL certified house.

CEI delivers custom wiring and electronic assembly solutions fast and affordably while meeting the strictest testing and quality standards. We partner with our customers to be a complete solutions provider and a strategic part of your supply chain network.

Our brand is high quality and quick turns. We are set up to manufacture in small to medium size runs.

Our value to our customers is in our people, document process, and product we deliver on time.

We provide talented assemblers to our customers so we can build cable and electronic assemblies the most efficient way possible.

Our Mission

To be an integral part of our customers supply chain, adding value and managing inventory to meet or exceed our customers’ requirements providing wiring and electronic solutions.

We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified

ISO Certification

We are a Certified Minority Supplier in the State of Wisconsin


Quality Policy Statement

Convenience Electronics, Inc. is committed to providing custom cables and electronic assemblies that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations for quality, delivery, and overall value.

Our goal is to create and maintain customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations through a companywide commitment to quality. Starting with an understanding of our customer requirements, quality is shaped through the use of superior processes and extended through the use of high-grade materials and suppliers. Training and empowerment of our employees reinforce quality, thus ensuring the continuing growth and development of the quality system.

We understand that quality is the responsibility of every employee in the organization and that total quality can only be achieved through teamwork, training and continuous improvement